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Healing the Knees: Home Practice

This hand chakra energy technique provides a wonderful healing for the knees. Start by watching video below. It explains how to use your hand chakras to heal any part of the body.

Healing with the Hands Video

(Estimated viewing time: 10:36 minutes)

For healing the knees, I use a sitting position with several pillows under the injured or sore knee to raise it to a position of maximum comfort for my hands to reach. Then I place more pillows under the elbows to prop up my arms, again for maximum comfort. The idea is avoid any effort or strain whatsoever to hold the hands in place while healing. And this way, you can sit for as long as you want.

Next, select the name of the agama1 associated with the particular joint (right or left):

  • Right knee – Sūkṣhmāgama,
  • Left knee – Sahasrāgama

1These names for the joints come from page 195 of Raja Raam’s book Human Physiology: Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature. The ‘a’ with a line over it is pronounced longer than the other vowels, like ‘ah’ in “awesome”. The ū as a long u, like ‘oo’ in “tool”. Pronounce the rest of the letters phonetically.

Healing the Knees Using the Names of the Agamas

  • While the hand is on the joint in question, let the name of the agama associated with it rest in the mind.

My experience is that without the name of the agama, energy moves like a radiance into the joint. And with the use of the name, there are all sorts of pulsations of energy between the hand and the joint. These pulsations are the verses of the Veda associated with that agama, which are flowing into the joint. They are the blueprint of ideal structure for the joint, in the state of perfect health.

  • Do this daily until the knee is healed completely.
  • Additionally, massage with Mahanarayan Oil.

The massage is nice, but the best therapy for healing the knees comes from the combination of the hand chakra with the part of Vedic Literature associated with that part of the body.

An Additional Option

As an option for healing the knees, you can envision a flower of life matrix in the palm of your hand. (See image next to this text.) Using the flower of life matrix supports a more concentrated, purified, orderly flow of light medicine through the hand chakra.

You can learn more about matrices by clicking here.

May you find this practice for healing the knees easy and effective.

Please see my YouTube channel for more home healing techniques.

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