Cancer Treatment: Healing Cancer with Our Inner Intelligence

Cancer Treatment—Healing Cancer with Our Inner Intelligence

The following energy work cancer treatment procedure is for lumps under the skin. Not all types of cancer manifest this way. Other energy healing approaches can be used for deep internal tumors.

Also, please always consult your doctor when you have a serious ailment or condition. The following procedure is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

The cancer treatment we describe here to reduce cancer tumors uses Frankincense oil (French or Ethiopian), which has long been prized for its ability to penetrate the body tissues and soften and dissolve lumps under the skin.

  • Use Frankincense oil undiluted. Just a few drops are usually all that is needed.
  • Massage the oil into the lump area. Pressure for this massage can be anywhere from not touching the skin at all to whatever degree feels right to you.
  • If you can do this massage while lying in bed, preparing for sleep, this is best. This is the time when the consciousness settles into that lovely floating feeling which is present when you are transitioning from waking to sleeping. In this gap between states of consciousness, there is a lightness, a silence, which provides access to your full healing potential.
  • This step is an important part of dealing successfully with a cancer tumor: When you are feeling that you have done enough massage for one session, hold yourself in love and give yourself love for a moment or two. Giving yourself love is important because it emphasizes the importance of the body and life. It communicates to the body that being comfortable and well is important to you. The lump came in the first place because there was some element of rejection of the body. So, your love directed at your body brings it back into a state of grace and integration with life itself.


Self-Love Combined with the Intelligence in the Frankincense Oil Begins to Melt the Cancer Tumor

In this cancer treatment, it is this full healing potential of love combined with the intelligence in the oil which produces the effect of melting the lump. After doing this for some time, you will find that you have come to own the intelligence in the oil in your own consciousness, and you will no longer need the oil to create the dissolving effect.

This cancer treatment process is very natural, so it has a different flow from medical treatments. You may experience the tumor melting in waves. The first time you try this, you may feel the lump shrink some, but it could come back, too. Next time, it will shrink more, and faster. It could still come back, but won’t come back as much as the previous time.

The next time you massage the lump it will shrink even more and even more quickly. After doing this repeatedly over a course of days or weeks, the lump may shrink away altogether.

The best part of it is that you will get faster and more efficient at melting the lump. You will become familiar with the feeling of dissolving. That feeling is the energy that makes the lump go away. It is a process of gaining experience and understanding, of learning a new skill to produce the best effect.

The most important thing about this cancer treatment, this massage, is what is happening inside your heart and mind. Pure innocence and deepest silence will achieve the best results. The feeling of sincere self-love and acceptance of the body is the antidote to the energy signature of cancer.

And please remember to always consult a professional physician for any serious condition or ailment. Energy healing can be a useful adjunct to, but does not replace medical advice and treatment recommended by your professional physician.


Frankincense Oils that you can use

French Frankincense Oil

Ethiopian Frankincense Oil


A Personal Addendum

The first time you put the massage, just transcend while doing it. That’s all. Continue only transcending when doing the massage for all successive massage sessions. This is all that I did, until results were obtained.

I am trying to remember how long it took before I saw results. Maybe a week or more, doing it every day until I started to notice a change in the lump. The lump got smaller, softer, spread out, like being absorbed by the body.

It was around the time that I noticed changes in the lump, that I also became aware of a feeling associated with the dissolving process. So, as soon as that feeling of dissolving was noticed, awareness started moving back and forth between transcending and feeling the dissolving energy. The smell of the oil got associated with the experience of transcending and dissolving together. So, I would say that the energy signature of the Frankincense emerged from this experience.

I had a breast lump, which would dissolve a little more every time I massaged, but also come back a little less in between massages. In the end, it dissolved completely and didn’t come back at all. At the point where real change was noticed in the lump,  the body’s intelligence was clearly recognized and such deep appreciation and love flowed without restriction to the body, to the breasts, to all of the person for being an instrument of healing. This love which came in as a response to the success of the massage felt like the coup de gras to the original imbalance. I knew that this most refined byproduct of the healing massage was indeed the antidote to the cancer in a nutshell.

I really appreciate the opportunity to clarify. It was a beautiful journey of self appreciation and healing.



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