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112 Point Matrix

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What is an energy healing matrix?

An energy healing matrix is an energy healing tool. It is an organized form of the Astral Body. The whole astral field is comprised of threads of consciousness, awareness on the move. Sometimes the threads of awareness are chaotic, but in the case of matrices, they form compact, sacred geometrical patterns which are fractal in nature. The 112 Point Matrix, or Shiva Matrix, is one of the most powerful energy healing matrices in the web of life.

An energy healing matrix has three parts: threads, nodes and spaces. Space, of course, exists between threads and nodes. Threads connect nodes. Nodes are little packages of wholeness. Every node contains a spectrum of expression, from unmanifest to manifest. Further, each node relates to the other nodes in the matrix synergistically. The nodes within a particular matrix interrelate, giving rise to the overarching effect of that particular matrix.

For example, in the 112 point matrix, described in the healing below, each node represents a particular way in which awareness moves from the outward field of manifest reality to the inward Source of creation.

How exactly is this matrix composed?

This brilliant, energy healing Shiva Matrix contains 112 nodes. Each node represents a unique way in which conscious awareness can fathom the Source of creation. (Note: Zen Flesh Zen Bones lists the 112 ways to transcend, starting on page 268.)

Four Platforms:

Each of the 112 ways of transcending are experienced from one of the following platforms of consciousness:

  • Waking
  • Dreaming
  • Sleeping
  • Cosmic Consciousness

It is possible for awareness to experience the movement from the relative level to the Source from any of the above states of consciousness.

Cosmic consciousness is a combination of the first three states listed above (waking, dreaming, and sleeping) along with permanently established transcendental consciousness. Transcendental consciousness is the experience of the silent Source of creation (and often referred to as the fourth state of consciousness.)

Seven Channels:

Consciousness travels to the Source of creation through the following channels. These are the first 7 of the 8 Prakritis. The eighth Prakriti is ego, sense of self, which is already anchored fully to the Source of creation.

Seven Channels:

  1. Earth (smell)
  2. Water (taste)
  3. Fire (sight)
  4. Air (touch)
  5. Space (hearing)
  6. Mind
  7. Intellect

Four Methods:

Methods by which awareness travels from the platforms, through the channels to the Source of creation. These are understood in terms of their effect upon the nervous system. Development of consciousness requires both the experience of Source and integration of that experience with the nervous system. The methods show up in four ways:

  1. Increases flexibility and stability in the nervous system greatly. This leads to the fastest possible integration of the experience of Wholeness.
  2. Increases flexibility and stability of the nervous system slightly. This helps the body to integrate experience, but not with optimal efficiency.
  3. Decreases flexibility and stability of the nervous system slightly. This is due to the method creating overwhelm in the nervous system.
  4. Decreases flexibility and stability in the nervous system greatly. The nervous system is left completely vulnerable and damaged due to the method.

These effects are the byproduct of how the gunas interact during use of the method.

Gunas, description:

Gunas are concepts from Vedic Philosophy that represent the fundamental energies that work together to drive the manifest world.

  • Sattva – Pure, constructive, harmonious
  • Rajas – Incessant action
  • Tamas – Destructive, chaotic, rancid

Rajas combines with Sattva to create methods 1 & 2. Rajas combines with Tamas to create methods 3 & 4. gunas are present at any time in the transcending process. However, Sattva and Tamas cancel each other out. They cannot exist together. This leaves the following combinations available for transcending in a sacred manner.

  1. Sattva dominant, Rajas sub dominant: Method #1
  2. Rajas dominant, Sattva sub dominant: Method #2
  3. Rajas dominant, Tamas sub dominant: Method #3
  4. Tamas dominant, Rajas sub dominant: Method #4

Putting it all together:

If a person transcends from one of the four platforms, through one of seven channels, using one of the four methods, we get the following formula:

The Matrix formula:

The 4 states of consciousness X 7 prakritis X 4 guna combinations = 112 ways to transcend and experience the Source of creation. These are the points of the 112-point Matrix.


Transcendental Meditation Technique, or TM starts in the waking platform. It employs the channel of hearing. The method itself is mostly sattvic with just enough rajas to keep the process going. Therefore, the result of this meditation is extremely beneficial to the nervous system and the whole body.

How is this matrix used?

All matrices are naturally stable, due to their symmetry. They are placed at any location or dimension of the body or energy system by directing attention to a location with the intention to establish the matrix.

The healing intelligence inherent within the body knows how to establish matrices through the combination of attention and intention. Matrices will stay where they are placed as long as the body needs them and dissolve when no longer required by the evolutionary process.

The 112 point matrix stabilizes the process of moving awareness from the surface material level of perception and experience to the Source of creation. Wholeness, Pure Source then establishes in that location.

Bonus: Energy Healing of the 112 Point Matrix


  • A transcending matrix is stabilizing in the ego for all participants
  • Long-held illusions regarding a perceived separation between the relative field of expression and the Source have given rise to a mountain of grief
  • Divine Nature is coming through the channels between the subtle and the material and blossoming like a most delicate light in early spring
  • The old stress feels like a ‘burning’ as it is released from the system and forgiveness is addressing the long-held emotional pain
  • The experience of the Source of Creation is so ineffably soothing that the natural result is balance, wholeness, healing, expansion of consciousness and all Divine blessings

The Healing:

Feeling a very big presence of the Mother of the Universe here in today’s healing session.

The tools required to extract the deep-rooted stresses are seated in the ability to transcend the relative field of creation. The 112-point matrix, or Shiva Matrix, is designed specifically for transcending. Each point represents one of the 112 sacred ways to transcend the relative sphere of experience. This matrix is now stabilizing in the ego, for all participants. All other energy healing tools work in conjunction with the ability to transcend. Transcending is the ability for awareness to fold into its own Source, the Source of everything – Pure Awareness.

Pathways opening

Because we are dealing with very, very old, deep imbalances today, the pathways from the dense levels of the body to the very subtle levels, where the oldest material is found, are softening and opening. The types of imbalances now loosening from the causal field of self have been carried for ages. They are mostly in the form of illusion. These are long-held illusions and misunderstandings regarding a perceived separation between the relative field of expression and the Source. This illusion has given rise to a mountain of grief. This mountain of grief affects the heart in the form of hopelessness, frustration and anger, despair, and a deep desire to ‘escape’ life’s problems. It is so deep that, rather than recognize these feelings, the causal body just ‘hums’ with them. This hum sits ‘behind’ experience, like a backdrop, while the symptoms of it are at the surface level of life.

Normally, we simply can’t look at this stuff. The sensitivity, discipline and persistence required for such a deep dive simply isn’t part of human nature. However, these attributes, being part of the totality of existence, are part of our Divine Nature. Also, at this time we have strong planetary support for a deep inward dive, and we have the Shiva Matrix. We also have the support of rapidly increasing spiritual sensitivity throughout our human collective. This combination makes it possible to reveal and heal such deep forms.

Divine Nature arrives

Divine Nature is coming through the channels, or nadis, between the subtle field of self and the material level of self. It is blossoming like a most delicate light in the early spring. It comes so softly that it is irresistible, almost unnoticed at first. This is such a useful way for transformation to come. When it arrives so delicately, then the dense levels of the body system are able to accommodate the change. The whole system builds up around this transformation. It then feels totally natural to be in that state of Divine expression, even in the dense levels of the body.

This powerful adjusting of the body/mind system, achieved from the inside out, is vital to the changes required for optimum health at the physical level.

Old stress released

The old stress addressed in this 112 point matrix healing feels a bit like a ‘burning’ as it is released from the system. The tool of forgiveness seems apt here to address such long-held emotional pain. Now automating a response system so that forgiveness manifests whenever in the presence of this old discord, and then awareness dives to Source.

The experience of the Source of Creation is so ineffably soothing that the natural result is balance, wholeness, healing, expansion of consciousness, and all Divine blessings.


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