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Hand Chakras and Healing

Healing Energy Centers in Our Hands

Hand chakras are healing energy centers that allow us to receive and send healing energy. They are located in the palms of our hands, and at each of our finger tips.

Anyone can use these chakras to heal by placing their hands over any part of the physiology that needs attention and love. Energy from the heart chakra flows up through meridians, down the arms and out our hands. When there is physical pain anywhere in the body, it is possible to take the hands and direct our flow of love and attention to the area of discomfort with positive results.

Advanced Information

Our Causal Body produces medicines of all kinds. We can direct these medicines, these various light energies, through our hand chakras to any part of our body which feels discomfort. Alternatively, we can use them to stimulate parts of the body. For example, we can use them to stimulate the third eye.

Enjoy these two videos below. In them, Dorothy explains the process and mechanics of using your hand chakras for healing.


(Estimated viewing time: 3:59 minutes)

(Estimated viewing time: 10:36 minutes)

Visit Dorothy’s YouTube Channel for more free healing videos.

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