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Respiratory System: The Energetic Significance

What is the energetic significance of our respiratory system?

Every system and function of our body is an expression of Divine intelligence. The respiratory system is no exception. Each breath is an overview of the same process Divine Being takes to create our Universe from consciousness. And as humans, it is our privilege to partake in this holy, cosmic process—simply by breathing.

When we breath in, we draw air—a common possession of all life on Earth—into our body. This is an act of making personally intimate that which belongs to the collective. Then, for a moment, air becomes our personal possession. So from this perspective, air moves from belonging to many to being possessed by one person. Many ==>One.

However, air is also moving from the one collective field to many bodies. And to many locations within those bodies. One ==> Many

The One becomes many as the many become One.

This then is the immense vision of creation as illustrated by the fundamental nature of the respiratory system.

Breathing integrates individual body and the cosmic body

Whether or not we are spiritually-oriented, our very existence (and especially our every breath) oils the connection between individuality and universality. Thus, the respiratory system connects us to universality. In fact, all of our bodily systems give expression to the Divine Dialogue (the cycle of creative expression). Breathing, however, is unique. It is a process that physically and energetically massages the connection between our individual body and the immense field of existence all around us.

Now let’s look at this principle (of one becoming many and many becoming one) by going more deeply into how our respiratory system works. Inside our chest is a tube that conveys air to and from the lungs. This tube is called the trachea. And in there is the actual spot of significance where one starts to become many, and many start to become one. So right at that junction is a little whirlpool of energy which moves back and forth between One and many. Furthermore, this whirlpool spot is very precious and significant for the body. No surprise it is also at the heart of the chest energy center, right behind the thymus.

Improving Respiratory Health by Stabilizing Dharma

The basis of a good respiratory system is a healthy connection between individuality and universality. A balanced and healthy relationship between the two is also the basis for infinite creative potential and the power to manifest desires. 

How can we improve the relationship? Align with dharma.

Dharma has a specific energy signature. And one that is eternally accessible from the causal level of the body. Stabilizing dharma at the causal level creates a platform for living our fullest expression. This means that the ability to support highest health is completely within the range of your personal capabilities. (For more information, see the video “Aligning with Dharma” below,)

May you enjoy the process of embracing your highest dharma. May you ever increase your level of prana, or life force. May you hold it safely in the great feeling center of the chest. And lastly, may you always feel completely and firmly connected to the whole field of life.


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