Respiratory System: Divine Being Creating our Universe

Energetic Significance of the Respiratory System

Every system and function in the human body is an expression of Divine intelligence. The respiratory system is no exception. Each breath is an overview of process which Divine Being takes to create our universe from consciousness. As humans, it is our privilege to partake in this holy, cosmic process simply by breathing.

When we breath in, we draw the air, a common possession of all beings on Earth, into our body. This is an act of making that which belongs to the collective exceedingly personal, intimate, and for a moment, one’s personal possession. From this perspective, the air moves from belonging to many to being possessed by one person. Many ==>One.

However at the same time, the air is moving from the one collective field to many bodies and many locations in those bodies. One ==> Many. The One becomes many as the many become One. This immense vision is illustrated by the fundamental nature of the respiratory system.


Breathing integrates individual body and the cosmic body

Whether or not people are spiritually-oriented, their very existence and every breath oils the connection between individuality and universality, even without considering all the other systems of the body which also give expression to the Divine DialogueThe breathing process physically and energetically massages the connection between our individual bodies and the immense field of existence around us.

The trachea at its connection to the bronchial tubes is the actual spot of significance where one starts to become many and many start to become one. Right at that junction there is a little whirlpool of energy which moves back and forth between One and many. This whirlpool spot is very precious and significant in the body. No surprise it is also at the heart of the chest energy center, right behind the thymus.


Stabilizing Dharma

Health of the relationship between individuality and Universality is the basis of infinite potential, power and authority over the process of manifesting. Alignment with dharma is the key to create balance and harmony in that relationship.

Dharma has a specific energy signature which is eternally accessible from the causal level of the body. To stabilize dharma at the causal level, so that it  has a platform for its fullest expression, is a personal choice made from the perspective of individual self. This means that the ability to support highest health is completely within the range of your personal capabilities.

May you enjoy the process of embracing your highest dharma and hold it safely in the great feeling center of the chest. May you always feel completely and firmly connected to the whole field of life.


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