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Weight Loss: Energy Healing for Weight Management

How to Use the Power of Energy Healing to Assist in Weight Loss

One way energy healing can assist in weight loss is by working directly with the functions of the third ventricle of the brain to eliminate imbalance in that area.

The third ventricle of the brain is home to both the cingulate gyrus—which regulates appetite—and cells called tanycytes. Tanacytes are nutrient sensing cells. Among other things, they sense how much glucose and amino acids are in the body. Moreover, their role is to signal satiation to the brain. When exposed to the essential amino acids Lysine and Arganine, tanacytes can signal satiation within seconds.

Additionally, tanacytes activate when the taste buds detect certain umami foods. These foods make you feel less hungry, quicker. Some examples of umami foods are meats, plums, apricots, avocados, lentils, walnuts and almonds.

Okay! That was a lot of technical information. So how does energy work help in regulating weight?

Appetite regulation promotes weight stabilization. Energy work restructures the functions of the third ventricle of the brain to create a feeling of satisfaction. This naturally regulates appetite in a normal, healthy manner.

Additional Ways to Help Regulate Body Weight

The Digestive Mastery Protocol can help your body’s microbiome create more healthy gut bacteria. As a result, more healthy gut bacteria enhances digestion and helps suppress unhealthy cravings.

(Click here to learn more about these microorganisms that inhabit our bodies.)

We can examine another area to help regulate weight. It’s in the bones. Our bones create the hormone osteocalcin. Osteocalcin does not regulate appetite; it regulates blood sugar and gets activated by a protein, Lipocalcin 2.

What is Lipocalcin 2? It is a protein which activates neurons in the hypothalamus—a specific area of the brain that involves triggering appetite suppression. Lipocalcin 2 is present at very high concentrations in certain genes found in our bones.

Now, the good news is that we can increase our body’s production of Lipocalin 2 to help trigger appetite suppression. Furthermore, you can do this yourself.

Simple Exercise

Here are the steps:

  • First, sit or lay comfortably and close the eyes
  • Then put attention on the bones
  • Next, quiet the mind and feel what is happening with the skeletal system
  • Then offer gratitude to it for producing valuable nutrients, hormones , etc. which the body needs
  • Notice the wave of happiness which returns from the bones to you. This is in gratitude for the recognition
  • Then offer this gratitude to the Source field of creation
  • Enjoy that
  • Then offer the suggestion that more Lipocalin to be created
  • Lastly, send more love and gratitude

Once you get into the flow of it, this exercise will become second nature.

In summary then, there are several methods you can use to help decrease body weight:

  • One way is in using Energy Work to re-create balance in the brain (in order to help regulate appetite.)
  • Another way is to use Distance Energy Healing (to create gut bacteria which enhance digestion and help suppress unhealthy cravings.)
  • Finally, you can increase the body’s production of Lipocalin 2 to trigger appetite suppression yourself (by following the above exercise.)

Good luck in meeting your goals!

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