Root Chakra Muladhara: Base Chakra, Ancient Earth Energy

Root Chakra, Muladhara—Base Chakra, Ancient Earth Energy

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies. They are energy organs, nodes or concentrated energies located in the physiology. Traditionally, we think of 7 chakras, all within the physiology. The Root Chakra Muladhara is the base chakra. It is at the base of the spine, at the base of the pelvic floor. The associated planet with the root chakra is Saturn.

The cord of light which starts at the crown of the head and runs down through the body and then all the way down into mother earth connects these energy centers. The frequency of the energy centers is faster at the crown chakra and becomes slower as you move down the body.

Incidentally, each person has a unique frequency of resonations in their chakras, although the basic function of the chakras is the same.

Through a process of expanding the outward flow of energy and contracting the inward flow of energy of the chakras, energy healing can create some flexibility, some pliability in the chakra system. You then can start working with the energy in your chakras to create a foundation for producing specific effects in the physiology and in the environment.


Becoming familiar with our earth energies again

At its most superficial level, the energy in the root chakra is stable and connected to strength. On a deeper level, it is a luscious, yummy earth energy. With energy healing for the root chakra we become familiar with earth energies again. This energy is really ancient. As we put our attention on this earth energy the body begins to familiarize itself with it.

As this quality of our physicality starts to awaken we connect the very subtle energies in that chakra to the physical form. The reason this is so important is that divine cognitions or divine downloads come first into the body, and if there are aspects of the physicality of the body that are being denied, there are structures of knowingness of wisdom that are inaccessible to us.

Conversely, the awakening or enlivenment of this deep earthy rich energy that is available in the root chakra is responsible for allowing us to understand knowledge that we wouldn’t otherwise awaken to. And so we begin to tune into deeper cosmic information available in the chakra.


Workshop and Healing:

1. Chakra Workshop, 1st Chakra (Muladhara or Root Chakra)


2. Offered below is a Healing to Balance the Crown and Root Chakras:

  • Balancing and healing for crown and root chakras.
  • Kundalini and grace.
  • Increased discernment.
  • Body devas going back to their roots.

Enjoy the Healing Here!


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