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Unified Field: Atman, or Pure Consciousness

The Unified Field, the Most Fundamental State of Human Awareness

The Unified Field is a field of consciousness and the most fundamental state of human awareness. In Vedic terminology, it is known as Atman, which means “pure consciousness.” Therefore, the unified field is the deepest reality of nature.

Pure Consciousness of the Unified Field is a universal field of pure, self-interacting dynamics of consciousness. Vedic terminology refers to this completely unified and self-interacting, self-referral dynamics of consciousness as Rishi (the knower), Devata (the process of knowing) and Chhandas (the known.)

Put in another way, it is a unified state of awareness where the infinitely dynamic process of observer, process of observation, and the object of observation are experienced as one, unified state of wholeness of consciousness.

Now, let’s consider the unified field and the development of human consciousness. Here we see that prior to the development of the causal body, the most refined level of the body, there is the unmanifest level of creation. This unmanifest level is the unified field.

Development of the celestial body is the first level of manifestation of the entire creation

Remarkably, the first level of manifestation of the human body, the celestial level, is the same as the first level of manifestation of the entire creation. Basically, the symmetry at the level of the unified field has to break in order for manifestation process to begin.

When the symmetry breaks, the three-in-one structure, the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness, is produced. So there’s a dynamic of three-in-one interaction at the level of the celestial body.

Here there is an aspect of intelligence or consciousness, or knowingness, which is facing toward the unmanifest. And then there is another aspect which is facing toward the manifest. They’re like a skin against the unmanifest level of creation, so they’re very close to each other. Because of that, a friction or tension is created between them. Inexorably, this gives rise to a third element which is basically energy.

It is this energy that is responsible or is the foundation, we can say, of all the manifestation of everything else at a more manifest level. So these three together form a structure that allows for the issuing forth of pure energy. The flow of consciousness engages the power of creation.

And if we look at the mechanics of how that expansion of Being occurs, it started out as everything folded onto itself. Subsequently it came out as one great force of Being, and then it diversified and diversified and diversified. Finally, at the end, it unifies back.

Right now the experience is that we’re moving toward unity, toward bigger, more expanded forms of consciousness. We’re moving toward more profound forms of our own self and more unity with our world family and the finer layers of creation.

What is the ultimate goal?

Total union with the Divine, Unified Wholeness, Totality, Brahman Consciousness. In that achievement of total unity of pure consciousness, all desires are fulfilled.

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