Self-Love: How to Heal Your Own Relationship

Self-Love—How to Love Yourself–Exercise and Videos The following three videos describe a simple effective exercise which will allow you to grow into the ability of self-love, the ability to love yourself. The ability to self-accept, self-validate, self-protect, understand, appreciate and forgive is at the basis of self-healing. The ability to recognize one’s reality as Divine … Read more

Sensory Cortex: Purification and Restructuring Neural Pathways

Sensory Cortex According to, the sensory cortex is “the region of the cerebral cortex concerned with receiving and interpreting sensory information from various parts of the body.” The site goes on to say that, “… in Medicine the sensory cortex is the somatic sensory, auditory, visual, and olfactory regions of the cerebral cortex considered … Read more

Serotonin: Primary Hormone Produced by the Pineal Gland

Serotonin Serotonin is one of the three primary hormones produced by the pineal gland. melatonin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) are the other two hormones. Serotonin is that very lovely hormone that gives us that nice, floaty feeling, that feeling of comfort and ease all over the entire physiology. Melatonin is the number one hormone that makes … Read more

Shoulders, Arms, and Wrists

Home Healing Practice for Shoulders, Arms, and Wrists We manipulate the physical world with our words and hands. The root of this activity is the fifth chakra – Vishuddha. The shoulders are the first extension of this energy center. They are our platform for touching the world. The responsibility of action rests in the shoulders. The … Read more

Small Self: Individuality of the Self

Small Self—the Individuality of the Self Small self refers to the individuality of the Self. This is the aspect of oneself which identifies with the concrete aspects of life, body, home, family, occupation, etc. The small self does is not inclusive of infinite aspects of self.

Solar Eclipse: Making the Most of It

The Solar Eclipse – Making the Most of It Any eclipse, solar eclipse or not, is considered inauspicious. However, it can be seen as auspicious if it gives rise to holy union. Even the most inauspicious experience like a full solar eclipse can be reborn as sacred when illuminated by the light of Divine Self. … Read more

Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura: Energy of the Sun

Suyra, the Vedic sun god

Third Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura—Energy of the Sun The third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, is found where the ribs meet the belly, in the stomach area. The celiac nerve is the center of the Manipura chakra, located a little more to the back against the spine. The centers of the each of … Read more

Soma: Finest Product of Digestion

Soma—the finest product of digestion that nourishes healing potential Soma is the finest product of digestion brought about by the complete assimilation of food in higher states of consciousness. It is sometimes described as a super fine, unctuous, liquid light flowing through the body. Healthy digestion at the cellular level, in particular, breaks down food … Read more

Speech: Capturing the Spirit of Divine Intention

Using Speech to Capture the Spirit of Divine Intention On so many levels, speaking your truth consistently is a risk which ultimately grooms you to master verbal communication. Never underestimate the power of your ability to speak truth. You know a thousand people, and they know a thousand people and so forth. Any one of … Read more

Subtle Bodies: The Abstract, Collective Levels of the Body

The Four Subtle Bodies The Subtle Bodies are the four most abstract levels of the body. These levels of the body are collective in nature, and exist outside the constraints of space and time.  The subtle bodies from subtle to dense are; Absolute Being folded into its own nature (Nirguna Brahm) Absolute Being awake within … Read more

Subtle Realms of Creation: Energy Signatures from Dark to Light

Subtle Realms of Creation Subtle realms of creation, of existence, manifest from the Source of all creation. These subtle realms are overseen by the Mother of Creation in one single, great, overarching reality. Furthermore, this field of reality is divided and sub divided to the tiniest of spaces. Remarkably, each level of division is administered … Read more

Superconscious: Multidimensional Structure of Our Selves

The Superconscious is a multidimensional structure or organ Its role is to support all forms of self-recognition, self-love, self-support and self-protection. It is multidimensionally present in our most subtle, celestial level, through to the most dense, physical level of the body.   In the four Dense Levels In the physical level of expression, the superconscious … Read more

Svadhisthana, 2nd Chakra: Expansive, Creative Energy

Second Chakra, Svadhisthana—Expansive, Creative Energy The second chakra, Svadhisthana, is located two inches beneath the navel, deep in the core of the torso. Svadhisthana is associated with sexuality and re-production. Its essential nature is expansive, creative energy. However, elements that bind people, such as belief systems, for example, lie in Svadhisthana. A lot of belief … Read more

Tarpanum: Offering to the Ancestors

Tarpanum: Ancient Vedic Offering of Homage to the Pitris

Tarpanum— Offering to the Ancestors Tarpanum refers to an ancient Vedic offering of homage to the ancestors or Pitris. Traditionally rice, sesame seeds and water are offered at the new moon. In Energy Healing it is possible to work outside the context of space and time and offer tarpanum in locations specifically structured to be … Read more

Teeth and Gums: Breaking Apart Complex Experiences

Energy Healing for Teeth and Gums Teeth are the Tools that we use to break complex experiences apart and get them to a condition where we can really understand them Teeth are the tools which we use to process food at the most initial point of entry into the body. As such, chewing is connected … Read more

The Immune System and Energy Healing

The Immune System and Energy Healing The immune system is fundamental to all the body systems involved in the healing process. Its health is basic to whole body health. When the immune system becomes ill, then all the other areas of the body are left vulnerable. The feelings in the heart are important. They are … Read more

The Neck: Connection/Disconnection with Authority Figures

The Neck: Connection/Disconnection with Authority Figures The neck is the place where feelings of being overwhelmed and burdened by life experience sit. This is the part of the body which connects the administrator—the brain—with the worker—the body. Therefore, disconnection in the relationship with authorities will often be reflected as a problem in the neck area. … Read more

Three M’s: Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance

The Three M’s—Very subtle structures that reside at the celestial and collective levels of creation that can be dissolved in order to facilitate the flow of consciousness. The Three M’s refers to morphic fields, morphic resonances and subtle matter morphic fields. These structures are very subtle and reside at the celestial and collective levels of creation. … Read more