Limbic System: Supporting Emotional Life

Limbic System

The Limbic System is a set of structures in the brain located on either side of the thalamus, immediately below the cerebrum. supports a number of functions, including emotions, memory, motivation and behavior. All the emotions one feels in daily life are primarily a function of the limbic system. Additionally this system influences how emotions … Read more

Mahamarmas: Major Energy Centers in the Body

Bringing The Values of the Three Mahamarmas Together to Support Your Healing in the Highest Way Maha means ‘large’ or ‘great.’ Marma refers to subtle energy points in the body, points of vital life force. When these energy points are healthy and open, free flowing energy (or prana) streams through the body freely and naturally. … Read more

Manifesting Wealth by Doing What You Love

Manifesting Wealth by Doing What You Love—Activation for Manifesting Abundance Manifesting Wealth means knowing that Love is the currency of the universe. Every creature, large and small, subtle and gross, responds to our love. God responds to our love. Love is the “real” money. How can we manifest wealth by transmuting love into a commodity … Read more

Mental Body: Healing Through Consciousness

light medicine

The Mental Body—Focusing on One of the More Manifest Levels of the Physiology to Create a Healthy Being We normally think of our body as our physical body. But actually, every individual ranges from both the physical, most manifest level of the body all the way to the finest level of creation. All the way … Read more

Microbiomes: Microorganisms in a Particular Environment

Microbiomes are the microorganisms that inhabit a particular environment, which include the body or any part of the body. Our personal microbiomes consists of a vast array of microorganisms in our bodies that help us stay alive by protecting us from germs, for example. Also, They break down food to release energy, as well as … Read more

Mitochondria: Principal Energy Source of Cells

Mitochondria Mitochondria are cellular organelles of most eukaryotes which produce energy for body cells. As such, they are the principal energy source of the cell. Mitochondria take in nutrients to the cell and convert them into energy rich molecules for the cell. Their overall responsibility is to keep the cells full of energy.     … Read more

Morphic Fields: Very Subtle Structures that Act As Filters

Healing light filtering down and through pine needles above.

Morphic Fields—Subtle Structures that Reside at the Celestial and Collective Levels of Creation Morphic fields, along with morphic resonances and subtle matter morphic fields, are very subtle structures that reside at the celestial and collective levels of creation. These morphic fields filters help the individual make sense of the infinite information continuously being received by … Read more

Mother Gaia: Primal Earth Mother

Mother Gaia—Mother Earth Mother Gaia is the ancestral mother of all creation. She was born from Chaos, the great void of emptiness within the universe. Gaia is the primal Earth Mother.

Mouth: the Power of Speaking Truth

Mouth: the Power of Speaking Truth

The Mouth and the Teeth—The power of speaking truth and the place where we begin the process of unpacking our life experience The mouth prepares the abstract, universal input to become concrete in the body. It also prepares the concrete, material substance to become abstract individual consciousness. From this perspective, the mouth represents the level of … Read more

Multiple Sclerosis: Healing MS through Energy Work

Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Energy Healing Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease from which about 2.5 million people around the world suffer. Sadly, there are about 400,000 cases in the USA alone. Multiple sclerosis results in lesions in the central nervous system. In late stages of the disease it is highly debilitating leaving the sufferer … Read more

Nagas: Ancient Beings, Our Body Devatas

Ancient Vedic stone sculpture represnting Nagas--ancient beings, our body devatas

Nagas are ancient beings which live in all parts of the Universe. Like bacteria, they live within the human body. The Nagas are our body Devas. They are much, much older than the body itself, yet they are not at all isolated to existence only within the physical form. Nagas are the living force of the … Read more

Narasimha: the Fourth Avatar of Vishnu, the Protector God

Narasimha—the Protector God, who defends mankind when no other solutions can be found Lord Narasimha is one of a nearly infinite number of personified aspects of the causal field of the body. This form of self is a protector, responsible for solving problems, destroying evil and restoring Dharma. Lord Narasimha’s special skill is to find … Read more

Narayana: Vishnu—the Sustainer of the Universe

Narayana Narayana is another name for Vishnu in Vedic terminology. Vishnu is known as the sustainer of the universe. Brahma, the creator, is depicted as sitting in the the navel of Narayana. Unexpressed Brahma is known as Unified Totality. Expressed Brahma is said simply to be Totality. This expressed universe, the universe manifesting itself as Expressed … Read more

Neurochemicals: Pathways to Self-Healing


Neurochemicals Neurochemicals are chemicals that function in our nervous system. As such, they transmit signals from neurons, regulate thoughts, adjust emotions, promote growth, manage nervous system cell repair and play an important role in the cognition process. One major type of neurochemical is the neurotransmitter, which transmits signals by crossing the synapses between neurons. One … Read more

Nucleus Accumbens: Pleasure Center of the Brain

Nucleus Accumbens The nucleus accumbens is found in the basal forebrain situated between the C-shaped caudate and the putamen. The nucleus accumbens is a pleasure center of the brain and is considered a reward pathway within the brain. When we do anything that we consider rewarding, we activate dopamine neurons in the brain. This in … Read more

Oxytocin: the Cuddle Hormone or Love Hormone

Oxytocin Oxytocin is a powerful hormone secreted by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, a pea-sized structure at the base of the brain. Sometimes we refer to it as the cuddle hormone or the love hormone, because it’s released when people bond socially. Oxytocin acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. As such, it … Read more

Paradigm Wheel: Foundations of Health

Moving through the Paradigm Wheel—Energy Healing supporting evolutionary transformation of the foundations of health A paradigm is a pattern, a way of doing something, and a new paradigm is a shift in how we see, relate to and act upon our world. The paradigm wheel of energy healing progresses through the cycle of belief, attention, … Read more