Causal Body: Seat of Human Potential

Muti-colored blossoms---the blossomimg of consciousness

Your Causal Body, the Causal Realm Your causal body is as ageless and vast as the universe. Think of it as a great space of scintillating light, silently folding back into its Source, the field of Infinite Being.  There is so much potential in the causal field of Self. It configures itself in nearly endless … Read more

Causal Medicine: Light Medicines Produced by the Causal Body

Creating causal medicine, light medicines

Causal Medicine, Light Medicines Causal Medicine is light medicine produced by the Causal Body. Light medicines are sometimes referred to as Energies of the Divine. The causal body itself is one of the four layers of our subtle bodies. The subtle bodies from most subtle to the densest are the celestial, collective, causal and astral … Read more

Celestial Body: First Manifestation of Being in the Creation

The Celestial Body, or the celestial level of the body, is the first manifestation of Being in the relative sphere of creation. Its nature is infinite. At this level, the celestial body looks very much like the unbounded ocean of consciousness from where it comes. Its nature resembles a silent ocean which ranges from the … Read more

Chakras: Energy Organs or Energy Centers in the Body

Chakras: Energy Organs or Energy Centers in the Body Chakras are energy organs or energy centers located in the body where very subtle and very dense energies swirl together. There also exist sub chakras which reside between the seven main body chakras. Some energy healers identify hundreds of chakras, but for my work, I identify … Read more

Collective Body: Subtle Level of Manifest Self, Infinite In Nature

The Collective Body is a subtle level of the manifested self The collective body is located between the celestial and causal levels of manifestation. It is infinite in nature and appears as a fabric or web of threads of light. From another angle, it looks like a multidimensional snowflake with infinite spines. Consciousness and feeling … Read more

Congenital Imbalances: Imbalances Inherited from Ancestors

Congenital Imbalances—imbalances inherited from ancestors originally formed during gestation Congenital imbalances are normally thought to be permanent. However, in energy healing, any imbalance can be undone. Just because a decision was made in the spirit world, it does not mean that it cannot be undone in this world. It is entirely possible to renegotiate contracts, … Read more

Cord of Light: Subtle Structure In The Mind-Body System

Cord of Light—Subtle Structure In The Mind/Body System The Cord of Light is also known as the crystal cord, silver cord or hora line. These names are given to the largest energy meridian that runs through the body. Through it pure consciousness flows into and out of the body. The cord of light is a … Read more

Cortical Structures: the Cerebral Cortex

Cortical Structures: the Cerebral Cortex The cerebral cortex is the outer layer of neural tissue of the cerebrum in humans and other mammals. The longitudinal fissure that divides the cerebrum into the left and right cerebral hemispheres separates the two cortices. The ridges in the cerebral cortex form over time, from thinking habits. The nature … Read more

Crown Chakra, Sahasrara: Access Point for Celestial Energies

Massive redwood trees representing the power represent the Crown Chakra---Access Point for Energy and Healing

Crown Chakra—Access Point for Energy and Healing Power It’s through the crown chakra, or the 7th chakra, that we access all the energy and healing power of the God-Presence. The celestial energies come through this chakra. Your Cord of Light, which runs from the crown down through the body, connects it to Mother Earth. Besides … Read more

Death: A Process of Adjustment

Death is a process of adjustment, both for the departing soul and for loved ones left behind. Since you have lived with your loved one’s physical form vibration in this world all your life, your challenge will be to adjust, to rebuild yourself from the subtlest levels to the physical level. And you make this … Read more

Dense Bodies: Four Layers of the Physiology

The Four Dense Bodies—Four Layers of the Physiology We normally think of our body as our physical body. But actually, every individual ranges from both the physical, most manifest level of the body all the way to the finest level of creation, the celestial level just at the edge of unmanifest. This range of expression … Read more

Devas: the Structuring Intelligence of Nature

Beautifu pink blossos represent the Devas, sparks of intelligence in Nature.

Devas—Structuring Intelligence of Nature Devas are sparks of intelligence in Nature. As such, they maintain the health and structure of all forms of life on the planet. All beings of creation originate from the silent field of Pure Being. In their various and diverse forms, some beings, such as humans, animals, plants, etc., manifest to … Read more

Dharma: Indomitable Force of Nature that Sustains Harmony and Order

Dharma - indomitable force of nature that sustains all good

Dharma is the indomitable force of nature that sustains harmony, order, and all good in the world. It supports and sustains the evolution of life and discourages all that is opposed to it. Dharma promotes spiritual freedom and worldly prosperity. Living in your Dharma refers to the right way of living, living in accordance with … Read more

Digestion and the Digestive System: Processing Experience

Digestion and the Digestive System—Processing Experience Digestion represents the ability to process experience. The foods we eat are Nature’s experience packaged as intelligence. The conversion of sunlight into energy expresses the supreme elegance of the manifesting process. When we eat, plant or animals products, doesn’t matter, we are essentially benefiting from the original conversion of sunlight into … Read more

Digestive Mastery Protocol: Loving Your Microbiome for Better Health

Digestive Mastery Protocol The Digestive Mastery Protocol is a simple but effective plan which you can use to improve your digestion.   Some Background: The Digestive System and Nervous System In the earliest stages of embryonic development, the digestive system and the nervous system form as parallel tubes. In our developed bodies, they interact by a system of … Read more

Discriminating Choices: Decisions With an Unclear Path

Discriminating Choices: Making Decisions When The Path Is Not Clear We all want to be good at making wise discriminating choices and making good decisions. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “How to I know what to do when my path is not clear? How can I make the right decision?” It’s a good question, … Read more

Divine Being: All That Is and Ever Could Be

Divine Being: All That Is and Ever Could Be

Divine Being—Source, Course and Goal of All Life Divine Being is the Source of Creation as it exists both within us as individuals and within the entire creation. It is Divine because it is absolutely beneficent. Also, because its Nature is unmanifest, it is unbounded, silent, eternal and unchanging. At the point where manifestation of … Read more

Divine Dialogue: the Process of Energy Healing

Divine Dialogue---the Hero's Journey, the Process of Transformation

Divine Dialogue—the Hero’s Journey, the Process of Transformation The Divine Dialogue is the cycle of creative expression. It is the inward and outward strokes of the expression of Divine Being. Sometimes I refer to this vital process as the hero’s journey. Because it is a process of transformation, basic to progress at every level of … Read more